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Marketing Cloud Email Marketers (EEB101)
  • Log in to the Marketing Cloud.
  • Create an email using our newest application, Content Builder.
  • Identify the various ways to store information in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  • Identify and apply the diverse testing and sending options within the Marketing Cloud.
  • Analyze the results of a send using email tracking and Reports.
  • Create filtered or random segments using Drag-and-Drop Segmentation.
  • Create filtered segments based on behavioral data (bills).
  • Use a query activity to create segment data.
  • Produce and carry out an automation to import information and refresh data.
  • Build and automate a welcome series for new subscribers using Playbooks.
  • Identify when to use a triggered email to send for transnational messages.
  • Automate an email drip campaign via Automation Studio.
  • Build and automate a welcome series using Journey Builder.

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