Manual Testing Description


Manual Testing Overview
Introduction to Software Testing
Objectives of Testing
Software Development Process
Project vs. Product
Error / Fault / Failure
Why Software has defects?
Most common defects
Cost of fixing defects
Testing then … and Testing now…
What is Verification & Validation
Difference between QA & QC
Role of a Tester

Principles of Testing
Early Testing
Exhaustive Testing Impossible
Defect Clustering
Pesticide Paradox
Testing is Context Dependant
Testing Should Show Presence of Defects
Absence of Error is a Fallacy

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
SDLC Phases
SDLC Models
Waterfall Model
V Model
RAD Model
Prototype Model
Spiral Model
Agile Model

Software Testing Methodologies
Static Testing
White Box Testing
Black Box Testing
Gray Box Testing

Static Testing Techniques

White Box Testing
Unit Testing
Integration Testing

Black Box Testing
System Testing
User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
Alpha Testing
Beta Testing

System Testing and Types of System Testing
Smoke / Sanity Testing
Formal Testing
Priority Based/Risk Based Testing
Ad-hoc Testing
Re-Testing and Regression Testing
End-to-End Testing
Exploratory Testing
Benchmark Testing
Monkey Testing
UI Testing
Usability Testing
Security Testing
Performance Testing
Load Testing
Stress Testing
Compatibility Testing
Installation Testing
Globalization Testing
Localization Testing
Recovery Testing

Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)
Test Planning
Test Strategy
Test Plan
Test Analysis
Analyzing Functional Requirements
Preparing Requirement Clarification
Test Preparation
Identifying & documenting Test Scenarios
Test Case Design Techniques
Decision Table Testing
State Transition Testing
Use case Testing
Preparing Test Cases
Preparing Test Data
Preparing RTM
Test Execution
Build Release Process
Executing Testcases
Defect / Bug Life Cycle
Defect Management
What is defect?
Defect Classification
Defect Severity & Defect Priority
Defect Report Template
Defect Reporting & Defect Tracking
Test Closure
Criteria for Test Closure
Status Reports (Daily and Weekly)
Test Summary Reports
Agile Testing
Database Testing

Test Management & Defect Management Tools
ALM (Quality Center)

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