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Course Content - Android Programming

Unit 1 – Introduction to Java and Android
Android Stack Introduction.
Installing Android and creating first app on emulator
Android Architecture and building blocks
Android App build process.
Java overview– Data types, Loops, Conditionals and Operators 
Android UI– resources, themes, threads etc
Debugging in android
Assignments on Java Classes, Objects, Methods, Instances etc
Activities, Receivers, Adapters and Providers
Telephony System Architecture of Android

Unit 2 – Systems Programming and JNI Concepts
Introduction to System programming in Android
Java interface
Native library implementation
Building the sample native library
Using native functions in Java code
Security and Permissions.

Unit 3 - Android Graphics and Multimedia
Basic Graphics - Input Handling,  Audio / Video playback
Assignments on playing audio and playing video
Accessing Files system, SD Cards
SQLite overview, Data Binding, Content Provider
Assignments and exposure to Lab infrastructure
UI design aspects of Apps
Gestures/touch/click handling
Instantiate UI elements at runtime
Views and Interacting with views

Unit 4 – 3D graphics in OpenGL and Android Widget
OpenGL Introduction 
Using Threads and Models 
Texture in OpenGL 
Making a application in OpenGL 
Other standard views in Android
Android Widget Development

Unit 5 – Android Networking
Accessing the Internet 
Using Web services 
Using Java and Java Script 
Location Sensing
Client Server Programming
Working with XML/JSON

Unit 6 – Complete App Development
Developing live App and modules
Exposure to development on Phones/Tablets/Set top    box.
Developing custom launchers and skins.
Full software lifecycle exposure from requirement to  market launch.
Applications utilizing location and maps

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