DO380 Red Hat OpenShift Administration II Description


Outline for this course

Design a highly available cluster
Design an OpenShift cluster that supports high availability and resiliency.
Prepare to install an HA cluster
Configure the advanced installer and prepare the cluster environment for HA installation.
Configure OpenShift to use custom certificates
Configure the OpenShift cluster to use custom certificates.
Build an HA cluster
Use the advanced installation method to build an HA OpenShift cluster.
Provision persistent storage
Describe storage providers, configure a provider, create a storage class, and test the configuration.
Enable log aggregation
Consolidate useful data for analysis by enabling the log aggregation feature.
Maintain an OpenShift cluster
Perform recurring maintenance activities on an OpenShift cluster.
Manage system resources
Manage operating system and cluster resources for optimal performance.
Configure security providers
Configure security providers and advanced security options.
Configure networking options
Configure various advanced networking features and options.

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