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A Red Hat® Certified Architect (RHCA) with a datacenter concentration is a Red Hat Certified Engineer who has attained Red Hat’s highest level of certification, proving their skills with tasks common in an on-premise datacenter.

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About Red Hat Certified Architects

Prove your skills and knowledge Datacenter concentration skills include:

Secure Red Hat systems against unauthorized access. Enhance logging, audit, and identity management capabilities. Deploy and manage virtualization infrastructure, hosts, and guests. Implement high availability services on Red Hat Enterprise Linux®. Use the on-premise capabilities of Red Hat Gluster Storage. Deploy applications using Red Hat JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform. Manage many systems using Red Hat Satellite Server.

  • This compartmental system also provides the flexibility to attain RHCA
  • To be an RHCA, one should earn RHCE credential.
  • Current RHCEs will obtain RHCA certification upon successfully passing ANY five expertise exams.
  • All the exams are performance-based.


Red Hat’s highest level of certification, proving their skills and knowledge building and managing tools and applications.

Build your Red Hat expertise, get industry-leading help, and certify and secure your environment..